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How We Can Help

​International cooperation and partnerships in dispute resolution are in the best interest of all involved. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Rather, it is important to learn from each other and share expertise.

The Metis Institute brings to the table a range of experienced partners and coordinates between the various strands required, on your behalf, if you wish us to do so. Its offering covers five major areas which are of utmost importance and which need to come together for successful innovation:


  • Legal basis: Our experts are working with partners around the world on reviewing various laws and procedures with respect to ensuring a state-of-the-art legal basis. They are also supporting actual drafting where and as required, and will provide examples of solutions from other jurisdictions. In this area of work, our experts typically work very closely with in-country counterparts, to ensure the outcome is in line both with global best practices and the specific local requirements.

  • Organizational and physical setup: Our support doesn’t stop at helping with creating or amending the legal basis required. It is the actual hands-on setup, based on practical experience, that makes all the difference. This is not about theory, this is about getting things done, in the best way possible.

  • Internal and external skill building and training: The best legal basis and the best processes are of no use if the various stakeholders don’t know how to handle them. Ultimate success requires a proper transfer of know-how, followed by continuous training and improvement. Hence, training takes a very central position in our offering.

  • Positioning, outreach, and reputation building: Communications in all its aspects is an integral element of successful rule of law related projects. Good substance and strong communications are mutually dependent and reinforcing. Internal stakeholders need to know about innovations and embrace them. External stakeholders, in the legal community and beyond, need to be aware and supportive of changes. We are cooperating closely with various leading communications strategy and positioning firms.

  • Overall strategy and change management: We happily share our own reform and change management experience. Going beyond sharing expertise, we are prepared to put a team on the ground or provide temporary secondments. Yet, despite all this support, ultimate ownership and responsibility should always remain with the local partner. We are not “taking over”, we are there to help.

The specific modules provided, as well as the intensity of assistance, vary on a case-by-case basis as they get tailored to the specific needs of the respective partner. Assistance ranges from expert inputs via a part-time collaboration, e.g., on a visiting basis, all the way to putting a team on the ground and/or co-running institutions for a certain period of time.