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The Metis Institute was created by some of the world's leading judges, court leaders, academics and advisors. Its aim is to provide advice, guidance and practical support to governments, special economic zones and industry sectors which seek to do better. It operates privately, does not seek to leverage its clients' reputation and can support reforms however significant. The Metis Institute is unique in its ability to devise and implement strategic and tactical reform.

In addition to supporting reform projects, The Metis Institute also acts as a think tank, with a special focus on envisioning dispute resolution of the future and defining paths to get there. Leaders of The Metis Institute are sought after keynote speakers as well as contributors on conference panels, sharing both strategic visions and examples of specific trends and projects.

Last but not least, out experts have supported the resolution of individual commercial disputes on many occasions, of government-to-private as well as private-to-private nature. The Metis Institute isn't and doesn't act as a law firm in any capacity. Our focus is on looking at disputes through the lens of finding amicable economic solutions to legal challenges, by applying realistic yet creative thinking and helping the parties redefine the playing field. In most cases,  we act as a neutral third party/mediator, but we have also advised individual parties on amicable solution strategies. Where and if required, we have close ties with a range of leading law firms globally, both with the global players and highly specialised yet outstanding boutique firms, and can recommend suitable options.

The Metis Institute - Organisational Structure

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the team


The team of the Metis Institute comprises global leaders from the judiciary, academia, court/arbitration leadership and strategic consulting as well as communications/positioning realms, bringing to the table forward-looking thinking and strategic perspectives as well as practical implementation and delivery skills.


Chief Executive Officer


Executive Director of Partner and Client Relations

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