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During the economic downturn caused by the current Covid-19 Pandemic, the number of monetary disputes requiring settlement will increase drastically, putting pressure on courts and other established dispute resolution mechanisms. In response to the challenge, The Metis Institute and Resolve Dispute Online (RDO) have teamed up and offer Salvator:


What is Salvator?

  • Jurisdiction agnostic online dispute mediation platform (white-labelled)

  • Effective and efficient handling of monetary cases

  • Plug-and-play; easy and secure to use (encrypted) 

  • 1st stage artificial intelligence driven; (optional) 2nd stage human driven


Who is Salvator for?

Anyone who wants/needs a ready-to-use online mediation platform (governments, SEZs, chambers of commerce, bar associations, mediation/arbitration providers, etc)

Click here for further information – this link will take you to the website of our partner RDO

Download the Salvator Reference Sheet here.

Please reach out to for further information or to participate in a free webinar.

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