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Kim Siegel


Kim Siegal is a South African qualified lawyer with extensive experience in the financial services sector, having spent over 12 years in the Group Legal Division of Standard Bank at an executive level. As head of litigation at the bank, she was responsible for ensuring speedy and fair resolution of disputes globally, protecting the Bank's reputation. In addition, Kim was responsible for many other legal areas, including the card division securing lending, insurance and M&A activities. The heads of the various bank entities in Africa reported into Kim, ensuring that she was kept abreast of issues arising in Africa that could impact the bank. In addition, Kim was a member of a number of industry committees and sat on the board of one of the subsidiary companies of the Bank.

Kim is now based in the UK, contributing to the Metis Institute and its projects with her legal and specific Africa related expertise, in addition to signing responsible for partner and client relations of The Metis Institute.

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