Commercial Dispute Resolution: Unlocking Economic Potential Through Lighthouse Projects

In the AIIB Yearbook of International Law 2019 (“International Organizations and The Promotion of Effective Dispute Resolution;, The Metis Institute’s Dr Andreas Baumgartner positions commercial dispute resolution as a major enabler of economic development. Going one step further, he argues that commercial dispute resolution also makes for good lighthouse judicial reform projects, due to its focused scope and the quick impact potential. He explains a comprehensive approach around five building blocks, before, in the second half, he moves from today to setting out four hypotheses for the future: 1. Courts of the future will be a service rather than a location, with courtrooms of the future being virtual and customer centric providers capturing the market. 2. Commercial dispute resolution will become far more differentiated, as well as competitive on the international stage. 3. Private sector solutions will complement and compete with state-offered or endorsed solutions. 4. Artificial intelligence is about to change the face and nature of dispute resolution fundamentally. Each of those trends offers ample opportunities to unlock economic potential. The article concludes by pointing out how international organisations can contribute.

June 26, 2019

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