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Committed to empowering dispute resolution, The Metis Institute focuses on practical solutions rather than just theoretical expertise. We offer solutions that accelerate economic development, attract investors, and improve people’s lives.

The Metis Institute combines leading strategists, judges, academics,
practitioners and industry partners to

  • Develop and share perspectives on the future of the resolution of commercial disputes;

  • Advise governments, special economic zones and industry sectors in designing, implementing, operating and improving commercial dispute resolution institutions and mechanisms; and

  • Support the resolution of specific disputes by means of economic solution oriented out-of-court negotiation and mediation.




As countries as well as special economic zones are competing ever more vigorously for foreign
direct investment, a clear value proposition, availability of infrastructure and talent, a favourable
regulatory and tax regime and excellence in communications and positioning are paramount.


However, one factor is often overlooked, even though it features prominently in investor surveys as
well as in global rankings such as the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ index: the outstanding
positive economic impact of effective and efficient commercial dispute resolution.


Businesses and individuals appreciate being able to know that, if necessary, they can seek justice
and enforce their rights in a timely and predictable way. The same applies to industry sectors
that consider implementing custom-tailored alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, as a more
focused alternative to the general public court-based path.


All initiatives can be structured either to apply or fit within a country’s existing judicial and dispute
resolution framework, or to set up a separate “island” solution, e.g., a dispute resolution
mechanism with limited mandate for a specific zone. The latter option has proven tremendously
successful for targeted economic development across the globe. As an example, an effective civil
and commercial dispute resolution system has been considered a major success factor of the Dubai
International Financial Centre (DIFC), one of the world’s leading free zones.


This is no surprise. Setting up and optimising commercial dispute resolution comes with convincing benefits:

  • It makes a real difference, with visible impact within a short time;

  • It is relatively easy to implement;

  • It is not politically controversial per se;

  • It requires relatively low investment; and

  • It brings a strong positive impact on (international) perception.

In addition to working on setting up and/or getting dispute resolution mechanisms fit for the
future, The Metis Institute’s network of experts and practitioners also supports clients in identifying
amicable economic solutions to controversial legal challenges.


The Metis Institute offers innovative perspectives and practical solutions rather than just
theoretical expertise.

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